European support

European Support

Despite the significant challenges of shrinking Official Development Assistance (ODA) budgets and political change within Europe, as in other parts of the world, European donors remain committed to improving sexual and reproductive health and family planning, a testament to the strong foundations that have been established by the SRH/FP community over the years. So says the latest Countdown 2030 Europe report analysing European donor financial and policy support to SRH/FP in 12 European donor countries for 2018-2019.

Despite an overall slight decrease in financial expenditure to population assistance and UNFPA in 2016 (an 11% decrease compared to 2015 levels), funding was maintained or even increased in a large number of European donor countries (i.e. Belgium, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland). In addition, the past year has seen promising new policy documents and funding commitments, e.g. in Denmark, Norway and Switzerland, and a new European Consensus for Development recognizing SRH/FP as important area for investment.  Finally, 2017 has also seen SRH/PF feature prominently in a range of global fora, bringing with it a sense of momentum for change. This went hand in hand with new funding commitments in the context of the SheDecides initiative and at the FP Summit, by seven of the C2030E countries: Belgium, Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and the UK.

Going forward, increased transparency and accountability will be needed to fully track and monitor newly pledged funds, including in the context of SheDecides and FP2020. Furthermore, current commitments will not be able to reverse the trend or address the funding crisis facing global SRH/FP programmes in the long-run. The C2030E consortium’s role in tracking existing expenditures and advocacy for multi-year pledges sustaining investments will be crucial over the coming years.

Please download our full trends analysis for 2018-2019, explore our data dashboard or see country profiles for detailed information on each of the 12 countries and the European Institutions.

What we do

One of our core activities is to collect financial data on Countdown 2030 Europe country governments’ Official Development Assistance (ODA) for sexual and reproductive health and family planning. Based on the latest data collected, we develop trends analyses for Europe and each of the individual European donor countries on support for SRH/FP.

Countdown 2030 Europe is committed to publishing these reports annually.