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    Overall, there is broad support for sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) as a key priority in Danish ODA amongst Danish decision makers. This is apparent in the fact that the Danish All Party Parliamentary Group on SRHR has more than 50 members, representing all political parties in parliament. Similarly, through various speeches and other commitments made by the government over the last year, most notably during Women Deliver 2016, it became clear that ensuring the rights of women and girls, including SRHR, is a key priority for the Danish government. The government has also introduced a special focus on youth.

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    Policies & funding

    However, a new Danish strategy on ODA and humanitarian assistance is currently under development and being negotiated amongst political parties in Denmark. Until this strategy is finally adopted by parliament, it is uncertain how SRHR will be strategically positioned within Danish development cooperation in the years to come.
    Furthermore, the Danish government has cut Danish ODA from 0.82 % of BNI (2015) to 0.7 % of BNI (in 2016). This has also affected support to SRHR, most notably in terms of cuts in support to UNFPA. The government is currently negotiating a state budget for 2017.

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    Internationally vocal

    The Danish Prime Minister and the Minister of Foreign Affairs have been consistent in pushing for a progressive global agenda on SRHR by voicing strong support for the sustainable development goals on gender equality and health.

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    • Key Documents

    Danish support for SRHR is detailed in the following documents:

    • 'The Right to a Better Life’, the Danish strategy on ODA, adopted in parliament in 2011. The strategy has four overall priority areas of support for Danish ODA, one of which is Social Protection, which notably includes a separate section on the right to SRHR and FP. This strategy will be replaced by a new strategy on ODA and humanitarian assistance (see above)
    • ‘The Danish strategy on support to SRHR’, a sub-strategy launched by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2006. This SRHR strategy is guiding the Danish interventions on SRHR. The strategy was reviewed in 2010 and again in 2014.
    • ‘Strategic Framework for Gender Equality, Rights and Diversity in Danish Development Cooperation’, a sub-strategy launched by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2014. The strategy provides guidance on how to address gender issues in Danish development aid and this time also includes a clear focus on SRHR-issues.

    Updated October 2016

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