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    Overall, there is broad political support for sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) as a key priority for Danish development cooperation. This is reflected in the newly adopted strategy on development cooperation and humanitarian assistance “The world 2030” (adopted in 2017) as well as in the fact that the Danish All Party Parliamentary Group on SRHR thus has more than 50 members, representing all political parties in parliament. In addition, Denmark was one of the initiators of the SheDecides Campaign, launched in March 2017, and pledged additional DKK 75 million to the initiative.

    The government has also introduced a special focus on youth, including the SRH/FP needs of young people.

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    Policies & funding

    In 2017 a broad majority of Danish political parties adopted the strategy “The World 2030 – Denmark’s strategy for development cooperation and humanitarian action”, which will direct Danish ODA in the coming years. The strategy, which is centred around Danish contributions to implementation of the SDGs, has four strategic priorities. One of these is “Freedom – democracy, human rights and (gender) equality”, which centres around the protection and advancement of the human rights of women and girls, including to SRHR.

    Overall, Denmark disbursed over €55 million in 2016 to SRH/FP. This represents a 31% decrease compared to 2015, with main decreases in funding to SRH/FP multilateral projects, organisations or initiatives, and research in 2016. However, Denmark reaffirmed its commitment to SRH/FP as one of the driving forces of the SheDecides initiative and co-hosting the pledging conference and follow-up events. Further, the state budget for 2017 saw increases in support to SRHR, including FP.

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    Internationally vocal

    The Danish Prime Minister and the Minister of Foreign Affairs have been consistent in pushing for a progressive global agenda on SRHR by voicing strong support for the sustainable development goals on gender equality and health. Denmark remains vocal in global negotiations on advancement of SRHR, including access to modern contraception. This has been evidenced in relevant fora, such as the Commission on Population and Development at the UN and at the HLPF on SDGs in the summer 2017.

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    • Key Documents

    Danish support for SRHR is detailed in the following documents:

    • The World 2030 – Denmark’s strategy for development cooperation and humanitarian action (2017)

    • 'The Danish strategy on support to SRHR’, a sub-strategy launched by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2006. This SRHR strategy is guiding the Danish interventions on SRHR. The strategy was reviewed in 2010 and again in 2014.

    • ‘Strategic Framework for Gender Equality, Rights and Diversity in Danish Development Cooperation’, a sub-strategy launched by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2014. The strategy provides guidance on how to address gender issues in Danish development aid and this time also includes a clear focus on SRHR-issues.

    Updated January 2018

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